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the nosferatu dot - Stoned Aged Men
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the nosferatu dot - Lucky Dolls of Uglyness
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the nosferatu dot - Planet of the Tapes: Moving Again
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the nosferatu dot - Fuck your Boss 2015 (pop mix)
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ΜΕΛΗ. Drums: Christos Mouroukis (original member) Guitar: Giorgos Migdanis (ex- Σ.Π.Ε.) Vocals: Pinio Sovolou (ex- Suck the Fifth Season) Bass: Nikos Exarchos (ex- D Melody)
ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟ ΥΦΟΣ. The nosferatu dot were formed in 1998 and they play Rock 'N' Roll.
ΜΟΥΣΙΚΑ ΕΙΔΗ. Rock,Punk,Alternative Rock
ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ. In March 2015 the nosferatu dot played live at After Dark, Athens, Greece (with Maunder Miles).In 2014 the nosferatu dot did plenty of rehearsals with guitarist Alfonso Migdanis (from Echo Tattoo) but scheduling conflicts did not allow this line-up to make any recordings.The nosferatu dot was resurrected in 2013 when Christos recorded Enjoy the Balkans (2013) at Sonic Ark with sound engineer Nicodemos Triaridis (producer of albums from bands such as Μωρά στη Φωτιά).Denmark Street (2010) and The Wild West (2011) are two albums that the nosferatu dot recorded in Greece, before disbanding in 2011.The nosferatu dot recored The Day the Hairspray Caught Fire (2008) and Where Dreams End and Nightmares Begin (2009) albums both in London, U.K. Also in London, they played three gigs: one at The Fiddler s Elbow (with Toby Williams and Sonner), one at The Dublin Castle (with Tilted Smile, Barkerhound and Wasted Angels), and one at 12 Bar (with Oiz II Men, The Ten 07s, Emergency Bitter and Shotgun Sweetheart).The song {Everything} was featured in Little Heroes Vol.7 compilation CD by Underground Tapes. The song ,No Money, No Funny, was featured in Little Heroes Vol.8 compilation CD by Underground Tapes. The song ,Lloyd Kaufman, was featured in All the Pretty Little Mutants: The Greek dark Underground vol.2 compilation CD by Deathrock X Greece.The nosferatu dot did many recording sessions at Q Studios, in Thessaloniki, from 2002 to 2007. In 2003 they played their sole gig at Inside Club, Thessaloniki, Greece, supporting Stefan (Big Sleep) and Los Tromos.Christos Mouroukis played drums for rock bands from England (such as Got Monsters) and Greece (such as Ash Trays). In 1998 he formed the nosferatu dot, and they played their first two gigs in Alexandroupoli (with Ταξιδιώτες Ψυχής) and Peplos (with Αδιάφοροι).

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