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ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟ ΥΦΟΣ. Experimental / Funk / Hip Hop
ΜΟΥΣΙΚΑ ΕΙΔΗ. Instrumental,Trip Hop,Electro,Hip Hop,Ska,Reggae,Funk,Soul,Rap
ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ. Vangelis from very small age deals with the music and the drawing. It has watched courses of theory of music, piano, flute of clarinet and Byzantine music. Existed member of band orc*** for interval of two years playing flute. Progressively it began to deal with the musical technology, having big love for this. In this course existed a lot of obstacles and difficulties because his small and the absence of somebody acquaintance for search of help. Simultaneously it began to discover the world of drawing and graphic design. Little later with the arrival of new technologies became possible and his pastime with animation, video and photography. Behind again in the age the 13 roughly, it had the chance it comes in contact with hip-hop culture. By there and afterwards all they were influenced and walked in step with this. Musical knowledge was come out in his service while designing energy was channelled in graffiti art. Result of all these was the creation of music form “Antinomia” in 1997 and cultural team “Parasound productions” in 2000. With “Antinomia” it has circulated one EP and one LP. With the deepening of knowledge on hiphop culture it discovers and deals with the all range of “black music” but also perceives the remainder musical currents via this. This moment he occupy and work in various sound and optical projects.

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